PLN Asks Customers to Send Electric Meter Photos Via WhatsApp

Illustration (Pixabay)

JAKARTA, - PT PLN (Persero) temporarily suspended the process of recording and checking electricity meter or meter for post-paid customers in order to implement physical distancing. PLN's Senior Executive Vice President of Business & Customer Service, Yuddy Setyo Wicaksono said, instead, for the May 2020 account, PLN had prepared a centralized service through WhatsApp for customers who wanted to report stand numbers and kWh meter photos. "This is part of the physical distancing that we do, reducing direct interaction between officers and customers as an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus," he said in a written statement, Thursday (4/23/2020).

Yuddy explained, post-paid customers can send kWh meter stand numbers through PLN's centralized WhatsApp service as follows: Prepare kWh meter number and photo booth meter. Open the WhatsApp Application and send a message through the number 08122123123. Type 2 to report post-paid usage Then follow the steps in WhatsApp. Electric meter numbers reporting can be done by the customer according to the recording date of each customer, which will be informed at the beginning of the self-reporting process via WhatsApp.

Reports from these customers will later be the basis for calculating the customer's electricity bill every month. "So at the end of April this customer will report for the May billing account. Likewise at the end of May, we ask customers to be able to send back the booth meter numbers for the basis of June bill calculations, "said Yuddy. For customers who do not report the number of kWh meters, the basic calculation of electricity bills will use the average electricity usage calculation for the past 3 months. "So customers who cannot report need not worry," said Yuddy.