More, 4 Tigers and 3 Positive African Lions Covid-19 at the US Zoo

Nadia, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo reportedly infected with the corona virus. (Wildlife Conservation Society)

NEW YORK, - A total of 7 large cats were tested positive for Covid-19 exposure in a zoo in the United States (US). The seven animals consist of 4 tigers and 3 African lions. They were positively corona at the Bronx Zoo in New York, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the zoo manager. Reporting from Sky News, the animals were tested for corona virus after a Malaysian tiger named Nadia (4) suffered a dry cough and lost his appetite in March.

Nadia tested positive for Covid-19 on April 5. All but 1 of the other big cats that were corona positive also showed the same symptoms. Samples were tested from Nadia's nose, throat and respiratory tract when she was anesthetized. Meanwhile other animals were tested from their fecal samples. The zoo said all corona positive animals were in good condition, behaved normally, and ate normally. Their cough also improved.

"We carefully test tigers and lions and will ensure that any knowledge we obtain about Covid-19 will contribute to an ongoing understanding of the corona virus." he added. "Testing on these cats is done in animal laboratories and the equipment used is not taken from testing on humans." "In this zoo there are no snow leopards, cheetahs, ash leopards, Amur leopards, puma, or serval which show signs of disease."

The zoo said the animals were believed to have been infected from a staff member who showed no symptoms. Measures have been taken to prevent further exposure to this disease, continued information from the manager. The addition of 7 animals that were positive for Covid-19 occurred after there were 2 domestic cats that became pets infected with Covid-19 in New York. Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said wild animals and pets could contract the corona virus but there was no evidence they could transmit it to humans.